Art Range

We design and create decorative art, perfect for the home, office and commercial market. Each art piece is made one at a time to keep it originally and individually unique. Please view our galleries below.


Hanging Art

To hang your art please please use the hooks provided on the back of the art.

Place 2 screws into the wall then hang the hooks over the screws.

DO NOT attach wire or rope to hang the art, this will cause the art piece to warp.

Please contact Joy if you’re stuck.


Wallcandy takes all care that the art leaves the studio looking fabulous and in great condition.

Art panels are made from the wood substrate MDF and Wallcandy offers no guarantee of their life expectancy.

Art panels come with a 3 month warranty. For any damage / wear and tear caused within the 3 month period, please contact Wallcandy. Depending on the cause of damage Wallcandy will try to fix the problem to the best of their ability.

Any damaged caused after the warranty period, Wallcandy takes no responsibility for repairs.